Achieve Global Standard for Smart Cities

With the global proliferation of IoT sensors and devices spanning across different standards, there is a growing need to deliver a truly device and network-agnostic IoT Platform to facilitate and propagate the growth of an open smart city ecosystem.

Need for Global Standardisation

The use of open standards and protocols to overcome the ‘language barrier’ between different devices, networks and the central management system becomes a crucial foundation for ensuring seamless interoperability and connectivity. To bridge the disparate standards used by various vendors, an open and future-proof IoT Platform is essential to ensure smooth integration and fast roll-out of smart city applications.

TALQ 2 Certification – Global Standard for Smart City Applications

The AGIL IoT Platform has recently received the TALQ 2 certification, a globally recognised standard for smart city applications. This certification enables the AGIL IoT Platform’s Central Management Software to configure, control, command and monitor multiple Outdoor Device Networks from different vendors.

With the adoption of an open standard approach, organisations and municipalities are better empowered to manage a diverse range of devices and smart city applications on a single IoT Platform. Key features of the AGIL IoT Platform include:

Benefits of An Open Standard IoT Platform

Adopting an open-standard smart city platform has many advantages:

For cities to truly benefit and thrive from smart cities solutions, besides incorporating innovative technologies to build successful use cases and applications, ST Engineering ensures our IoT solutions continue to adopt international standards, to transform cities into more connected, resilient and sustainable living space for citizens and communities worldwide.

Architecture of AGIL IoT Platform

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