Leveraging IoT Technologies to Elevate Lift Operations to the Next Level

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60 mins

About the Webinar

Like other industries around the world, facilities maintenance is going through an intense period of digital transformation. Lift maintenance is one aspect that is becoming highly complex and more labour extensive in scale.

While it is crucial to invest in good quality elevators, it is also necessary to ensure that lifts are properly maintained, while meeting all safety standards and preventive maintenance requirements.

Digitalising lift monitoring and maintenance regimes create opportunities that translate data into valuable insights resulting in greater efficiencies in detecting and preventing potential issues, improving real-time asset monitoring and remote diagnostics, delivering reliable operations while reducing operational and manpower costs.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Learn how predictive maintenance technologies usher a new paradigm in digitalised lift monitoring and maintenance, driving significant uplifts in the industry in terms of efficiency, sustainability and safety
  • Know how the lift maintenance industry can future-proof operations–enhance maintenance planning, reduce downtime and optimise lift asset life and why IoT technologies are key to smarter lifts
  • Know how to simplify monitoring and maintenance procedures with a cloud-based solution that transforms complex and laborious lift maintenance into digitalised and predictive maintenance regimes that meet your business objectives
  • Discover how a brand-agnostic lift monitoring solution enables full transparency and smarter lift operations across any brand, model and location


Yao Shih Jih

EVP/Head, Smart Utilities and Infrastructure, ST Engineering

Tim Ebeling

Managing Director, Henning GmbH & Co. KG