Unlocking the Potential of Smart Lighting for your Facility

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About the Webinar

Learn how to get higher returns for your Smart Lighting investment today. Empower your smart lighting networks to expand business capabilities that matches your organisation’s budget, sustainability targets and operational maintenance objectives.

The use of IoT-enabled smart lighting is growing at a rapid pace. Building owners and facility managers are adopting advanced applications of smart lighting in their facilities to augment ROI, improve operational and maintenance processes and contribute to sustainability goals.

However, identifying the correct smart lighting system positioned to serve as an IoT network backbone to securely collect data can while making sense of the data gathered can be a challenging fleet.

In this webinar, Srini Thukkaram, Vice President, Global Sales, Electronics, ST Engineering, as he provides an overview of the how smart lighting can greatly contribute to cost savings, explore challenges faced by building owners and facility managers today, and demonstrate how smart lighting can help businesses build environmental sustainability solutions that deliver optimal value for your investment.


Srini Thukkaram

Vice President, Global Sales, ST Engineering