Collab X AI in C3 and Robotics Q&A

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17 minutes

About the Webinar

From actionable intelligence in mobility road and rail to smart robotics deployed in airport and hospitals, and even the way video analytics has evolved, the destination is towards a safe yet smart and sustainable city in the new norm. Hear from the experts directly as they answer the questions posted live by the attendees.

Organiser Note: We thank you for the forthcoming questions, and regret that we may not have answered all the questions during the live event. Look out for our future AGIL dialogues related to this topic.


Yong Kim Shen

General Manager Taiwan, ST Engineering

Tommy Ong

General Manager Hong Kong, ST Engineering

Andrew Bevan

Smart Cities Director and Practice Lead, Parsons

Christopher Bishop

Sales Director, APAC and Head of Marketing, Ipsotek