The Electric Vehicle Revolution: Are you prepared for electrification?

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60 mins

About the Webinar

Vehicle electrification is reshaping the future of mobility. With the onset of zero-emission policies and a shift to greener transport systems, electrification will impact urban mobility and create unprecedented opportunities across the road transport sector.

Gain insights on the essential role of electrification and the driving forces to make it sustainable – smart charging infrastructure and technology advancement, public and private sector engagement and the enabling role of government policies and incentives.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Learn how industry players leverage technologies and digital platforms to create a favourable environment for EV mass adoption in smart cities
  • Know the latest trends and developments, technological advancement and future market outlook for the EV industry and how it can impact your business
  • Discover how to develop strategies in order to jumpstart your electrification journey with greener and more sustainable options that meet your business objectives


Royston Leong

Strategic Planning & Deputy Head, Fleet Management System, Urban Solutions, ST Engineering

Vincent Kee

Assistant Vice President, Mobility Services, Urban Solutions, ST Engineering

Matthew Yeo

Managing Director and Southeast Asia Energy Transition Lead, Accenture