Reimagine Security: Exploring new dimensions beyond traditional fences and locks

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45 mins

About the Webinar

The rising number of security incidents has created the need for enterprises to modernise their physical security architecture to mitigate risks against potential threats and breaches. This puts emphasis on the adoption of security measures beyond conventional surveillance systems.

In this webinar, our security experts will take a closer look at how IoT-enabled virtual keys and advancements in perimeter intrusion detection systems redefine organisations’ physical security ecosystems by enabling smarter surveillance, increased access control and significant cost savings.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Know how to harness the right balance of access and protection to increase security, convenience and savings.
  • Discover how to unlock the potential of IoT-enabled asset control solutions to modernise physical security beyond boundaries.
  • Learn how to seamlessly implement multi-layered security solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve in protecting your assets and critical infrastructure.


Anthony Man

Product Manager, Smart Security & Automation, Smart Utilities & Infrastructure

Charmaine Tan

Product and Solutions Architect, Satcom and Sensors