AGIL Cloud Management Virtual Launch: The X-factoRs of Cloud

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50 minutes

About the Webinar

The new digital age has swept the world by storm. With increasing magnification on Cloud technology and catalysed adoption of Cloud, you could be wondering what’s so alluring about Cloud and why does it stand out so distinctly among the rest of the digital technologies? In this virtual launch, discover what makes cloud technology highly sought after and compelling reasons why its high time to jump on the bandwagon. Join us as we unveil the 3 X-factoRs of Cloud – Readiness, Risk Management and Resilience. Be captivated and fascinated with fresh yet insightful perspectives of AGIL Cloud Management with in-depth understanding of the exhaustive benefits which it offers.

Attend this virtual launch to:

  • Assimilate into the world of Cloud by understanding the optimal approaches and importance on shifting to the Cloud
  • Understand the multi facets of Cloud and the various benefits it offers
  • Find out how AGIL Cloud Management can help you in your Cloud journey


Stephanie Hung

Senior Vice President / Head, Cloud Business, ST Engineering

Abhishek Pradhan

Vice President / Head, Cloud Technology, ST Engineering