Innovating on Cloud Nine in a Secure Way

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26 minutes

About the Webinar

Accompanied by cybersecurity and cloud giants – Telos Corporation and Microsoft, discover how multi-faceted security on the Cloud can be. There are many aspects when it comes to governance in the Cloud, and it is absolutely critical to enforce robust policies and procedures for essential infrastructure and systems, to protect the Cloud and your workloads from malicious attacks. At the same time, ensuring that the Cloud complies with the latest security policies. An informative, yet intriguing exchange on GRC areas of concern for the Cloud with best practices shared on how to best defend it and keep it in the best of health, including undertaking proactive and continuous Security compliance and controls mapping – vital to Technology & Cloud Governance, should be made a core component of your cloud fabric.


Stephanie Hung

Senior Vice President / Head, Cloud Business, ST Engineering

Hugh Barrett

Chief Technology Officer, Telos

John Nicely

Principal PM Manager, Microsoft

Stephen Horvath

Vice President, Strategy and Cloud, Telos