Securing Data On the Go with the Award-Winning Storage Encryptor Mobile

Encrypted solid state drive (SSD) with Two-Factor Authentication. Do not be a victim of loss of data breach on the go.

Each year companies lose huge amounts of unsecured data to lost or stolen USB flash drives, including financial information, business plans and client information. Some data leaks have ruined deals and reputations. With the increase in digital assets, it has become crucial to secure data on the move.

There’s no doubt that portable storage devices are convenient. The small units hold a lot of data and slip easily into a pocket so people can work on the move, across town or around the world. Unfortunately, they can slip easily out of pockets, too. Back in 2018, Heathrow Airport was fined £120,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for failure to lost of a USB stick containing sensitive data Though never confirmed, it was alleged that the data breach was a risk to national security. A perfect example of how data can be compromised even if it is password secured, as there are no measures taken to encrypt it with the two-factor authentication.

Also, due to the limited storage space and the sheer convenience of such portable devices, we have observed that very often, users own and use multiple thumb drives. This no doubt increases the chances of device misplacement. The need to address this issue arises as we explored the possibility of fixing a new SSD card to a device, ramping up storage space.

In our response to protect sensitive information whilst maintaining that users use and own only one device, the ST Engineering Crypto Products Division team developed the revolutionary Storage Encryptor Mobile. The product was subsequently launched in 2018, as the World’s first and slimmest hard disk encryptor – the size of a credit card.

Storage Encryptor Mobile’s outstanding design and engineering earned it a CES Innovation Award in 2019 from the Consumer Technology Association and the Singapore Good Design Award 2019. Not content to rest on its laurels, the design team is already at work on the next version of the Storage Encryptor Mobile.

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