Attaining an International Benchmark Certification for IoT-enabled Emergency Lighting System

With increasing demand for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are in-compliance to protocols and standards, we have developed the AGIL™ E-WATS Wireless Automatic Test System for Emergency Lights. The solution uses wireless mesh-networking and sensing technology to enable automated assurance testing of emergency lights and signs that meet the requirements of Singapore Civil Defence Force’s Fire Safety Regulation SS 563. It is also now certified and compliant to IEC 62034 with Type PERC classification.

The IEC 62034 (Automatic Test Systems for battery-powered emergency escape lighting) is an international benchmark that specifies a comprehensive list of required functionalities and safety requirements of individual modules, components, and the system of all Automatic Test Systems (ATS) incorporated into emergency lighting test systems.

With the certification, building owners and facility managers can accelerate processes to overcome the tedious and error-prone manual testing of emergency lights and signs and reduce maintenance costs, in accordance with stringent global industry regulations and standards.

IoT-enabled, assured emergency lighting system is advantageous in modern buildings, providing safety and security while reducing costs at the same time. With the need to improve the emergency preparedness of high-density buildings, a system that is globally certified and also able to offer both safety and efficiency, is a fundamental aspect of fire and emergency management in a building.

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