Transforming Smart Cities with IoT

The AGIL IoT Platform is helping cities achieve their smart city goals by leveraging the ubiquitous lampposts as the entry point to escalate smart city applications.

As cities gear up to harness the capabilities of big data and smart technologies, they need sustainable solutions that are easy to deploy, affordable, future-proof and capable of enabling various smart city applications. One of the fastest ways to roll out smart city deployment is through the smart street lighting, where lampposts are equipped with smart sensors to form a wireless sensor network to support the deployment of various smart city applications.

Cities worldwide are using IoT solutions to improve people’s lives and manage increasing urban challenges, from various cities in the USA, where more than 12 million sensors are deployed to support street lighting and water metering, to Montreal, Canada where smart street lights are retrofitted with sensors to increase energy savings and improve safety and other city services for the residents.

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The AGIL IoT Platform is agnostic to connectivity technologies and supports cross-domain data collection and analytics for various applications including street lighting; monitoring of environmental conditions such as weather, air quality, noise pollution and pest detection; utility, waste and lift monitoring; smart car park and traffic management, and smart locks.

Using an open-standard common platform to provide an end-to-end solution to support multiple applications and smart technologies, the IoT Platform enables cities to deploy IoT solutions faster without the heavy expense involved with deploying a new infrastructure. With this cloud-based platform, city planners are given the flexibility to select the best-of-breed technologies and solutions that satisfy their operational and planning needs. Advanced data and video analytics capabilities are utilised on the platform to further provide valuable insights for predictive planning and maintenance.

Completely future-proof, city service providers can also scale their solutions to accommodate the evolving needs of their cities, while maintaining independent and secure operation and control for their organisations.

IoT solutions are designed to Sense, Connect, Manage and Integrate cities and urban services to benefit municipalities and residents worldwide.

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