New Ground & Satellite 2021: What to Expect

Recently we launched a new initiative that we are calling New Ground. Today, we are calling upon all those involved in the ground infrastructure sector to join us to heighten awareness of the critical job that we do – enabling New Space.

The transformation that is going on in space is truly revolutionary for the satellite industry, and it’s happened fairly quickly. In literally a few years, there’s been a shift from the large, bespoke GEO satellites that we were all so accustomed to, to small, software defined satellites, with flexible, programmable payloads that suit any application or coverage area. These agile satellites will open up a plethora of new business cases and will also take connectivity to hard-to-reach places with reduced latency.

The thing is, without the ground systems to support all of this and make it usable for the masses, this innovation in space is useless. Ground systems have long been the unsung heroes of satcoms. The focus has very much been on the satellites, the ‘sexy’ element of space-based connectivity. But now it’s time to turn the spotlight onto ground technology, to note that the innovation in space is being matched here on the ground.

Our aim with New Ground is to unite the different parts of the ground segment to tell our story and to take you on our technological journeys through unique ideas, transformative technologies and impactful collaboration. From antenna development to waveform advancements to partnerships and market and region perspectives, through the New Ground Content Hub, we’ll be putting out a new piece of content every week that we hope will give unique insight and inspire our readers to find out more about the ground segment and the critical role that it plays. As we move into a new era of connectivity, it’s the adoption of technology that is already familiar in the telco world such as orchestration, virtualization and standardization, that will enable satellite’s integration into the 5G world.


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