5 Hacks to Ease Your Training Operations In Times of Uncertainty

With the ongoing pandemic and Singapore in circuit breaker mode, the need to digitalise training administration workflows and support remote learning is key to business viability.

Most training organisations are faced with onerous operational tasks such as maintaining your learners’ records, on-boarding, payment tracking, timely reporting and communications with stakeholders as well as administering training grants. Having worked with several institutes of higher learning and training organisations to deliver innovative learning technologies and administer training through our academies, we are familiar with your challenges.

Here are 5 common ones that you can hack and address via Skilleto, a software-as-service training management system developed by ST Engineering and supported by SkillsFuture Singapore.


Challenge #1: “Managing courses and enrollment is a manual process with my best tools being a mix of spreadsheets and emails”

Hack #1 – One-stop Enrollment Shop


Challenge #2: “I want to improve course registration rates”

Hack #2 – Track with Smart, Fuss-free Registration


Challenge #3: “I want to market my courses confidently, without depending on an IT admin”

Hack #3 – Seamless Marketing Platform


Challenge #4: “Grant computation is a hassle”

Hack #4 – Simplify Grant Administration


Challenge #5: “I am concerned about data security – the onus is on me to invest in security software”

Hack #5 – Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats


At Skilleto, we adopt 3 agile principles in our development process to support our customers’ successes:

1. Satisfy the Customer

Our utmost priority is to satisfy the needs of Training Providers through early and continuous delivery of valuable features.

2. Welcome Change

We welcome changing requirements to address, adapt, and overcome imminent challenges. In this current climate of uncertainty, we seek not only to deliver features but also deliver the ones that impact the most.

3. Keeping It Simple

Nearly 30% of the functionalities present in standard Training Management Systems are seldom used. Skilleto is razor-focused in only delivering functionalities that provide value.

With Skilleto, a one-stop platform for training providers and learners, trainers can focus on delivering good content and quality training, easing the pain of managing the backend workflows, enrolment, marketing and operations.

Skilleto is offering $5,000 credits to early adopters, eligible for training providers with courses that have SkillsFuture grant funding or SkillsFuture Credit.

Visit trainingproviders.skilleto.sg for more information or contact us for a virtual demo.

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