Seamless Traffic Management

Smart highway management platform enables real-time traffic information on-the-move.

Yunnan has a developed road network centred at Kunming City. The highway network connects neighbouring provinces and countries and serves as an important transport gateway for travellers. With a wide network of roads and increasing number of vehicles on the highway, there is a need to have a proper system to improve traffic information sharing and incident detections so as to reduce road congestions and enhance safety on the road.

The smart highway management platform provides a full visualisation of Yunnan highway network by integrating various sub-systems and devices and managing them on a unified platform. It manages up to 3368 km of highways and 1422 toll collection lanes in the Yunnan province.

The sub-systems and devices include 219 variable message signs, 295 incident detection cameras, 165 traffic data detection cameras, 1811 CCTV cameras, 830 lightning protection devices, 664 solar back up powers, 45 weather stations and are all integrated to other sub control centres.

The system leverages big data analytics and data visualisation to collect information such as the number of vehicles on the highway and charges accumulated at each toll station. Commuters and motorists are provided real-time information on-the-move to better plan their journey. Transport operators enhance their resource allocation at each toll station during peak hours with valuable insights from the collected data.

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