How Obstacle Detection Can Enable Safer Drones and Robots Operations

As the global autonomous Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone market continues to expand, his team needed to explore improved and reliable obstacle detection sensors to incorporate into their drones. In the complex urban airspace, besides compliance with local laws safety regulations, traffic rules, and civil aviation authorities, the autonomous drones would need to operate under day-night and all environmental conditions, withstanding harsh inclement weather.

Safety is of utmost importance. Alvin and his team had to ensure no drone crashes and no damages to public property during flight operations. They needed the drones to fly for longer distances which translates to all payloads consuming minimal power and being as small, compact and lightweight as possible. Operational costs need to be kept at a minimal too.

With the reliable, low-cost, easy to deploy AGIL Obstacle Detection Radar, Alvin and his team enabled safe drone navigation beyond visual line of sight, delighting their customers with the drones they designed. Through detecting obstacles on-the-fly, the risks of collateral damage are mitigated and investments are protected, empowering the safe operations of drones and robots.

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