60s Video Series: En Route to An Effective Security Operation Centre

Lim Meng Hwee

SVP/Deputy General Manager, Info-Security, ST Engineering

Organisations are constantly facing issues to fill in cybersecurity expertise for people, processes and technologies to stay ahead of cyber-attacks. The inability has compounded their challenge in maintaining an effective Security Operations Centre (SOC).

It is critical to keep up with the ever-changing cyber landscape and an effective SOC is designed with an open platform system that allows new technologies to assemble swiftly.

In delivering more than 15 SOCs both locally and overseas, we have gained the vast knowledge to develop an effective and dynamic SOC that comprises key areas such as Design, Build, Project Management, Operation and Maintenance.

In this 60s video series, we invited Lim Meng Hwee, VP in our Cybersecurity business to provide insights of an effective SOC.

Watch the video below for the full content.

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