Smart Lift Monitoring: Making Lifts Safer and More Reliable

Chew Yan Chong

Product Manager, IoT & Utilities, Urban Solutions, ST Engineering

Through 24/7 remote lift status monitoring and real-time visibility of lift performance data across brands, models and locations, the AGILTM Smart Lift Monitoring solution revolutionises lift maintenance while raising reliability and safety standards. 

With skyscrapers for residential, retail and office dotting the city landscape, lifts have become an indispensable part of modern architecture.

Yet lift monitoring and maintenance can be a challenging and costly affair, especially for larger estates or for district operators who often need to manage a fleet of disparate lift systems across multiple buildings in different locations. In addition, with most lift maintenance providers serving specific brands, it is not easy to achieve economies of scale.

Some building owners continue to rely on conventional maintenance, servicing the lifts only when legally required or when they break down. This can lead to higher maintenance costs in the long run, with components sustaining higher rates of wear and tear that require early replacement.

So how can lift operators and building owners optimise their lift maintenance regimes while not compromising on safety and reliability?

The solution is a fully digitalised, data-driven smart lift monitoring system with predictive analytics that enables optimised lift maintenance and minimised downtime.

Proactive Lift Maintenance with IoT

Proactive lift maintenance is crucial to prevent incidents, of which, mis-levelling, defective doors and over-speed are some of the top causes. Often, these faults come with measurable predictive signs that can be picked up by sensors even before they surface.

To detect faults early for predictive maintenance, ST Engineering has co-developed the AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution with Henning, an established lift measurement device manufacturer. The cloud-based solution enables 24/7 remote lift status monitoring and diagnostics to provide centralised real-time visibility of lift operations across different manufacturer brands, models and locations.

The IoT-driven solution leverages edge analytics, smart algorithms and sensor technology to collect and analyse data of individual lift components across more than 200 evaluation parameters. Key performance indicators as well as lift and component health status are highlighted on a common dashboard.

The collected sensor data undergoes further analysis at the secure and unified AGIL IoT platform to provide optimised lift maintenance recommendations. With these valuable real-time insights, lift operators, facility managers and building owners can better plan and manage their maintenance regimes.

Seamless Workflow & Improved Efficiency

The AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution provides accurate and quicker diagnosis of issues for servicing. By pinpointing the components that are due for replacement or maintenance, not only is the number of trips required to transport the right tools and spare parts for each job reduced, existing scheduled and preventive lift maintenance regimes are remade into more efficient, digitalised and predictive maintenance routines.

The system’s integration with a mobile app allows lift technicians to receive real-time alerts and diagnostics information on-the-go, and easily update the task status on completion.

Transforming Facility and Estate Management

Brand-agnostic and compatible with most manufacturer brands and models, the AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution’s non-intrusive installation of sensors makes it a truly plug-and-play solution that does not require modifying the core components of existing lift systems. This allows for a quick, flexible and scalable installation that supports multi-tenancy, multi-asset and multi-site management.

Beyond lift status monitoring, the AGIL IoT platform can also serve as the backbone architecture for other smart facility and estate management use cases. From smoke detectors and occupancy sensors, to smart lighting systems and integrated security systems, the integrated IoT platform synergises the collection and management of data from disparate building management systems for further analysis. This opens up myriad opportunities for process digitisation and automation while driving sustainable initiatives, allowing building and estate managers to realise greater synergies and efficiencies which will reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Proven Track Record

From 2021, the AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution will be progressively installed on lifts in Singapore in one of the largest scale deployments of such a solution to date. With more than 700 smart city projects deployed across 130 cities, ST Engineering continues to help cities transform into connected, resilient and sustainable living spaces to enhance quality of life for communities worldwide.

Learn more about our AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring solution and AGIL Suite of Smart Utilities and Infrastructure Solutions.

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