Shaping Training Digitalisation, Being Future-Ready

Tan Yuh Cherng

General Manager, Training & Simulation Systems, Digital Systems, ST Engineering

Trends Shaping Digitalisation

The trend towards digitalising training has been accelerating of late, due to the technology drivers and large cultural shifts. Driven by the pandemic, going digital is now the norm and the work from home culture has taken deep roots. This arises a need to address the home-based learner and determine how best to engage them. The next trend is data, which fuels today’s digital business models. However, businesses are often not utilising them to maximum benefit. Having a good learning technology platform will help you capture these insights to optimise your marketing and revenue opportunities.

Simply going online to conduct training is a good start, but may not be enough. There are challenges that training providers face that can be overcome by going digital. For example, alleviating your administrative burden and improving your marketing and sales efforts. Going digital can help training providers create meaningful digital assets quickly, and they will be able to monetise this content. Finally, digitalisation can also help personalise service and course offerings to learners, improving both engagement and satisfaction.

Skilleto, your one-stop Software-as-A-Service Training Management Partner

We have developed a Training Management System to reduce the administrative burden and allow training providers to focus on their marketing and sales footprint. Skilleto is a SaaS solution, which is readily available for subscription. The SaaS model enhances business agility, and requires training providers do very little to accelerate digital transformation. Skilleto is tightly integrated with SkillsFuture Singapore’s TP Gateway, and will help streamline administrative workflows. Hear what our clients have to say about Skilleto.

As a one-stop enrolment platform, Skilleto helps training providers manage group registrations, schedule resources, track attendance and monitor assessments. It gives insights as to where your learners are in the enrolment pipeline, so you will be able to address their needs efficiently, and shorten your revenue cycle. Skilleto also automates billing and payment processes, and simplifies the grant claims process with SkillsFuture Singapore. It is a cyber-secure platform which requires no maintenance from our customer, protecting the privacy and data of its users. Another highlight is that Skilleto is a zero-dollar marketing platform, enabling training providers to get their brands out there, and allows them to gather deeper insights on their respective market segments. Our marketplace today is very vibrant, and more than 200 training providers have already signed up.

Elevating Learning Management with Rapid Content Creation and Adaptive Learning

Most training providers will be familiar about the benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS). The key value proposition for LearnXP, our LMS, is that it enables training providers to develop high-quality digital content rapidly. Using this platform, training providers can easily leverage global resources such as Youtube videos to orchestrate and create interactive courseware instead of building them from scratch. Instructors can easily add interactive elements to any video and be done in minutes – no coding skills necessary. This will go a long way to enhance the richness of the online content, at a very low cost. More importantly, such digital assets are highly scalable and enables training providers to monetize their content globally, over a longer time.

The traditional cookie cutter teaching approach neglects the weaker students in the classroom, while the one-on-one tutor approach although personalised, tends to take place outside of classroom hours. What if your curriculum can be delivered at scale, yet personalised to each individual so that they get to progress at their own pace and do well?  Adaptive learning, as it is defined, is an educational method which uses algorithms and AI to deliver customised resources and learning activities to address each individual’s unique learning needs.

With LearnXP’s latest AI engine, we are able to help training providers verify if the learners are proficient with their learning objectives, monitor the rate at which knowledge decays and automatically intervene, thus helping them internalise the learning better. Learners will experience heightened knowledge retention rates. Organisations that have adopted an adaptive learning solution have reported significant shifts in course passing rates, and higher student satisfaction.

In conclusion, I believe that digitalising training has many benefits.  This includes reducing administrative workloads, increasing your marketing footprint, creating valuable digital assets quickly and most significantly, ensuring that your learners are more engaged and progressing well.

I welcome you to speak to us to find out how we can help you unleash the potential of your training business with our learning platforms.

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