60s Video Series: Effortless Smart Car Park System

Leong Hin Cheong

VP, Mobility-Road, ST Engineering

Majority of the world’s car park operators and building owners rely on conventional car park systems such as RFID, ticketing or manual fee collection. Over the years, this has increased operating and maintenance costs for both commercial and residential car park operators.

Parking is an everyday struggle for some motorists as lots availability is a major problem in urban areas. Motorists usually end up spending valuable time circling the vicinity, waiting for an available lot.

Our Smart Car Park System aims to address these challenges through the integration of smart technologies like AI-based Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), smart data analytics and mobile payment technologies.

In this 60s video series, we invited Leong Hin Cheong, VP in our Mobility-Road business to talk about how we created a Smart Car Park System that’s effortless for both motorists and system operators.

Watch the video below for the full content.

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