Value-Creation X Humanify Tech Dialogue

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16 minutes

About the Webinar

Data Culture is at a low with only 22% empowering their teams with insights – there is an urgency for us to shift our mindset from ownership to data sharing. What can organisations do to empower collaboration interests and how can tech play a part? Under current pressure, how can companies measure their returns in sensemaking initiatives? This vibrant exchange will shed some lights to the above questions.

Organiser Note: We thank you for the forthcoming questions, and regret that we may not have answered all the questions during the live event. Look out for our future AGIL dialogues related to this topic.


Chiang Yoke Fun

Senior Vice President / Head, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, ST Engineering

Achim Granzen

Principal Analyst Serving CIO Professionals, Forrester

Harris Chan

Chief Technology Officer, ST Engineering