IoT & Infrastructure

Leveraging IoT Technologies to Elevate Lift Operations to the Next Level

Learn how the power of digital transformation in facilities maintenance allows you to run and maintain critical lift operations effortlessly.

60 mins

Opportunities and Challenges of AIoT for Smart Cities

The convergence of AI and IoT offers cities opportunities to leverage valuable data from IoT networks in the most efficient and useful ways.

31 minutes

Making Lives Better with No Human Touch Technology: Is It Possible?

Rethink how AIoT can empower smart building and human interactions to safe the carbon footprint in a smart and safe way.

26 minutes

Lifting Elevators into the Cloud – Cost Reduction by Adopting Intelligent Lift System Sensors

Are your lifts achieving 99.99% availability with an optimum maintenance and resource efficiency?

23 minutes

Utility Perspective: Smart Street Lighting in Georgia Power

Discover how Georgia Power manages 900,000 street lights to improve energy efficiencies and sustainability by leveraging technology and planning.

31 minutes

Developing and Managing Smart Districts with a Smart City OS

Punggol Smart Town is Singapore’s first Smart District. JTC Corporation together with ST Engineering is developing a digital backbone called…

19 minutes

Sustainability X AIoT Q&A

Be it for street lightings or across our utilities, be it smart buildings or even, just elevators, you will see them with a new lens to increase

9 minutes

Harnessing the Power of Smart Street Lighting

Join us in this webinar to hear our domain experts provide insights on how we can harness the power of smart street lighting to address smart city

1 hr 21 minutes

Unlocking the Potential of Smart Lighting for your Facility

Learn how to get higher returns for your Smart Lighting investment today. Empower your smart lighting networks to expand business capabilities that

1 hour