Empowering Cyber Readiness

With the aim of building a digitally inclusive society, developing secure and reliable digital infrastructure is of priority to the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka.

Call for a National Security Operation Centre (NSOC)

In 2016, ICTA of Sri Lanka, together with Sri Lanka CERT|CC, embarked on a significant and important initiative to build a National Cyber Security Operations Center (NCSOC). The intent is to drive a holistic and comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity protection for the country, as part of their vision to be a Digital Empowered and Secured Nation.

Taking on a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Approach

A people-centric approach was put forth as the Implementation Consultant, in designing and implementing the first NSOC to offer security services to all key government organisations as well as key stakeholders from financial and telecommunication sectors. Training and awareness programmes were also provided to strengthen the cyber readiness of Sri Lanka’s digital team and key stakeholders. The first stakeholders’ conference held in 2017, engaged nearly 150 individuals representing government organisations, financial sector, telecommunication sector, academia and professional bodies.

Since the completion of the project, with the technical intricacies and operational knowledge, there are other cybersecurity initiatives including one with the Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka, to help realise a safe and secure digital infrastructure.

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