Street Lighting for Modern City

Montreal, Canada

The City of Montreal, the second-most populous municipality in Canada, has embarked on an urban lighting modernisation program to replace existing street lights with LED models and install smart lighting management system simultaneously.

Real-time Urban Street Management

As one of the three solution providers who are implementing the smart city network that collectively comprises 132,500 street lights for the city, the solution deployed was a highly robust wireless mesh multi-hop network. It utilises self-healing and cognitive radio algorithms to provide reliable and secure communications between lighting nodes and a Central Management System via a wireless network that uses a small number of gateways.

Leveraging Lighting Control Units, the energy-saving solution controls lighting levels and monitors the power and energy usage of lightings. Street light outages are detected in real-time, thus reducing maintenance costs and enhancing public safety.

In addition to monitoring and controlling the street lights, the communications platform enables the City of Montreal to implement a vast array of smart city solutions. These solutions include the integration of snow sensors which can notify the public works when the streets need to be cleared of snow; the ability to blink the street lights on specific streets to warn citizens to move their cars for the snowploughs; and the use of sensors on water meters to provide meter readings, detect leakage or monitor sewage lines for overflow.

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